“Being in the Freedom Project changed my life! The unwavering support, tools, wisdom and love from Scott, Em and Simon took me through a very dark time. I was challenged in my finances, work and in the midst of moving across the country. In four short weeks each area of my life improved! The relationships of those of us in the group, as well as alumni, was so encouraging and made such an impact on me. Sharing your journey with others is a powerful part of the healing process. I recommend the Freedom Project to anyone who is hungering for true change.” -Brenda Florida

Hi, I’m Em!

I created this course along with my partner, Scott, and our best friend Simon, to help show people what living your life to fullest actually means. To show people what is possible when you let go of all your limiting beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, and habits that you have created your life. We take our students on a journey of deconstructing the old outdated parts of them and then rebuilding those parts to what they actually want to create the life they want. We help students get their power back. We upgrade their operating system!